free services for the open web

What we offer

We run and host free services for the benefit of the open web from our own datacenter in Sweden.


Fed up with Twitter? We too. So we launched our Mastodon instance where you can connect and chat with friendly people from all over the world. Head over to our Mastodon to find out more.


Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication, published by the Matrix foundation. As with Mastodon it's a federated service where you can connect with friendly people from all over the world. Think of it as a nicer version of IRC. Visit Matrix today to learn more.


Naturally, we like old computer as much as the next person which is why we host our own FTP server packed with files for retro computers. Grab a FTP client or your plain old browser and visit today!

Jabber / XMPP

We are now hosting our own Jabber / XMPP service at Please contact us if you want a account.


We have implemented Searx, a privacy-respecting metasearch engine, which utilizes many search engines without compromising your privacy. We keep no logs of any traffic to this service, which you can try here.


Paste things, share them and have them go away automatically. We have zero knowledge of what you paste here and all data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES.


On the Internet, time is of the essence. That is why we host two public NTP servers ( and which is free for anyone to use. These servers are also part of the NTP Pool Project.


Internet Relay Chat, IRC, is one of the foundations of the Internet with tons of servers all over the world where people can communicate and share ideas. Welcome to use ours:


Tired of ten thousand ads, tracking code and other nasty things on Youtube? Peertube is the free and open option for publishers everywhere. We are working on offering our own Peertube setup, free for everyone to use. Visit our PeerTube-server today at

Funding and expenses hosts all these services on our own infrastructure. The costs for this adds up as follows:

Our services will always be free but if you want to support us
you can buy us a cup of coffee or donate via LiberaPay!

Got any suggestions for more interesting services that can support and enhance the open web?
Get in touch today, we got plenty of bandwith and our own datacenter to host things - send us email: hej at today!

Environmental footprint

We are constantly trying to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. Some recent improvements: We never run more servers and other hardware than we actually need. Our current total power consumption is about 520-550 watts. With an additional investment of about €600-700 we could run all storage internally in our Proxmox server and cut our total power consumption in half (please considering supporting us).

Terms of service